Global Organosulfur Compounds Market research to Witness Significant Incremental Opportunity During 2015 – 2021

Organic compounds containing carbon-sulfur bond is technically termed as organosulfur compounds. Organosulfur compounds are a common occurrence in nature as sulfur is one of the most essential elements for life. Fossil fuel for instance is rich in organosulfur compounds. Organosulfur compounds can be classified into a vast range of compound groups based on the number of sulfur containing compounds. The different classes of organosulfur compounds have different end use applications. There is a wide range of applications for organosulfur compounds.

The organosulfur compounds market is mainly driven by its use in therapy. Hydroden sulfide is considered as an important biological mediator and is widely used in the medicine industry on patients with bodily hydrogen sulfide deficiency. Garlic organosulfur compounds have been found to benefit human physiology in a number of ways.

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This organosulfur compound has certain therapeutic benefits which include antimicrobial, antifungal and anti tumor functions. It is also know to reduce blood sugar and hypertension and increase body immunity. Sulfone is another type of organosulfur compound which has wide applications as solvents, in polymer industry and in the pharmaceutical industry. Sulfolane is one of the most widely produced organosulfur compound and is used in the extraction process of valuable aromatic compounds from petroleum. Polymers containing sulfone groups have received acceptance in the manufacturing of engineering plastics. These compounds exhibit high strength, resistance to oxidation and creep resistance, which render them suitable for a host of applications. For instance polymers containing sulfone group has the potential to replace copper in domestic and industrial hot water plumbing application. Several other organosulfur compounds such as disulfides and dibenzothiophene are used as catalysts and reactants in several chemical reactions. Methionine is also a organosulfur compound which is widely used as animal dietary supplement. Methionine is one of the primary constituent compound in the food supplement of poultry birds as well as pets. Organosulfur compounds are also used as biocides. Apart from these compounds, there are several other useful compounds which come under the purview of organosulfur compounds.

The market for pharmaceuticals, food additives and plastics are the main consumers of organosulfur compounds. The high growth in most of the end use industries of organosulfur compounds augur well for the organosulfur compounds market. For instance the increased rate of meat consumption across the world has boosted the market for methionine. Compounds such as sulfoxides, sulfones and sulfonediimines are widely used in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and the growth in the pharmaceutical market is expected to boost the market for these organosulfur compounds as well.

Asia Pacific and North America region accounts for the largest market for organosulfur compounds. Different organosulfur compounds have different geographical market share according to the prevalence of the end use applications. China is the largest producer as well as consumer of most of the organosulfur compounds followed by USA.

Organosulfur compounds used in the plastics industry is majorly produced in China. However North America region accounts for the highest demand for pharmaceutical grade compounds. Western Europe is another major market for organosulfur compounds.

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Some of the major companies involved in the organosulfur compound market are Chevron Philips Corporation, Gaylord Chemical, Arkema Chemical Company, and New India Detergents ltd. among several others. There are a lot of small and medium scale manufacturers operating in China.

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