Tomato Extract Market to Hold a High Potential for Growth by 2017 - 2025

Tomato extract is a derived liquid or powder extract and consists of variety of antioxidants. Among these antioxidants, lycopene is gaining popularity due to its use in health supplements and skin care products. Tomato extract is found in variety of forms in the market including powder, liquid capsules etc. Apart from the antioxidant benefits of tomato extract, it is also claimed to offer a wide range of health benefits including prevention of various types of cancers like prostate, cervical, rectal, lungs, etc. The demand for tomato extract is escalating due to increased health concerns among health conscious consumers. Also extensive marketing of skincare products and heath supplements containing tomato extract is expected to drive the tomato extract market. Other properties of tomato extract such as it enables lowering cholesterol (LDL) levels and good for cardiovascular health is expected to support the growth of tomato extract market in the near future.

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Tomato Extract Market Segmentation:

On the basis of nature of product tomato extract is segmented as organic and conventional tomato extract. The organic tomato extract is expected to draw significant attention among health conscious consumer and subsequently act as a driving tool for the tomato extract market growth. Tomato extract is segmented on the basis of form which includes liquid extract and powder extract. Powder extract segment is expected to build a steady increase in market demand attributed to its diversity in use. Tomato extract is also segmented on the bases of end use application which includes functional foods, dietary supplements and cosmetics. In the cosmetic segments the use of tomato extract is expected to drive a major market share in terms of revenue attributed to its status as natural antioxidant product. Tomato extract is available in almost every dosage form including capsules and tablets, hence the dietary supplement sub-segment is expected to account for a significant growth in the market during the forecast period.

Tomato Extract Market Regional Outlook:

Countries such as China, India, U.S and Turkey are some of the major producers of tomatoes globally. Tomato extract market is expected to witness a high growth rate in the Western European region attributed to its establishment of high end processing industries. The tomato extract market in Japan is also expected to represent an upsurge in the market growth in the forecast period. 

Tomato Extract Market Drivers and Trends:

Tomato extract is a widely accepted and used in variety of preparations. This extract is popular among the masses as a naturally derived product serving as a heath supplement and a natural antioxidant. Various cosmetics use tomato extract to attract beauty conscious people and market the product on its antioxidant properties.

The functional foods and supplements derived from this tomato extract are flooding the global market. Availability in variety of forms to cater to individual demands of people, further innovation in new form designing like introduction of tomato extract based water by Coca-Cola in Japan. These factors are expected to act as synergizing elements for the growth of global tomato extract market. Online product advertisement and social media influence is also expected to account for certain share of growth of tomato extract market in the forecast period.

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Tomato Extract Market Key Players:

Tomato Extract does not have a great product recall but is gaining acceptance at a growing rate and some of the key players participating in the global tomato extract market includes; ADAMA Agricultural Solutions Ltd., Kagome Co., Ltd., Nu-Health Products Co., JIAHERB,INC., and others

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