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Infant Clinical Nutrition Market Top Key Players: Mead Johnson Nutrition Company, Meiji Co., Ltd.

According to a recently developed report of Persistence Market Research, a spectacular rise is envisaged for the global infant clinical nutrition market through the forecast period, 2017 to 2026. Revenues from the market are poised to surpass US$ 31,000 Mn by 2026-end.

Emphasis is Rising to Meet Higher Nutritional & Microbiology Standards of Infant Clinical Nutrition

Infants and toddlers requiring special clinical attention and requirements deserve exceptional nutrition, along with high degree of care in their daily food consumption. With the widespread availability of formulations and ingredients that have gained consumer loyalty globally, emphasis is now being placed on meeting higher nutritional and microbiology standards apropos to infant clinical nutrition. Demand for infant clinical nutrition across the globe has witnessed a substantial rise since the recent past, mainly driven by robust birth rates along with growing disposable incomes of consumers. In addition, the female working population has witnessed proliferation, which in turn has fuelled adoption of nutrition-rich and secure infant food products. Some of the notable developments in the infant clinical nutrition market include hypo-allergenic formulas, growing number of infants with special requirements, and premium quality offerings from prominent companies in the market.

Clinical trials are being emphasized for assessing effects on preterm infants in experiencing the taste and smell of milk, in order to determine whether girls and boys be fed differently and for testing effects of IGF-1 supplements and insulin on developmental and growth outcomes. Researchers in the field of infant clinical nutrition are directing their focus toward developing new formula products, which would make improvements in metabolic and cognitive outcomes. Emphasis is growing in neonatal care research regarding provision of nutrition-rich diet to preterm infants for enhancing their long-term developmental outcomes.

Oral Route of Administration Segment to Account for Lion’s Share of the Market

Based on route of administration revenues from enteral administration is anticipated to register fastest expansion in the global infant clinical nutrition market through 2026. However, the market revenue share of enteral administration will remain sluggish during the forecast period. In contrast, oral administration of infant clinical nutrition is envisaged to account for the lion’s share of the market during 2017 to 2026.

On the basis of product type, milk-based infant clinical nutrition are likely to remain dominant in the market, in terms of revenues. Revenues from milk-based products are expected to be significant larger than those procured from sales of all the other product segments combined. In addition, revenues from soy-based, organic, and probiotic/prebiotic product segments are collectively estimated to exceed US$ 8,000 Mn by 2026-end.

APEJ to Remain Largest Market for Infant Clinical Nutrition

Asia-Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) is expected to endure as the largest market for infant clinical nutrition, with sales poised to account for more than two-fifth market revenue share by 2026-end. Europe and North America are also expected to prevail as remunerative markets for infant clinical nutrition. Europe will continue to latch onto its position of being the fastest-growing market for infant clinical nutrition, trailed by APEJ.

Companies in the global market for infant clinical nutrition are implementing novel ingredients in their products, combining application intelligence with innovative techniques of product development. These companies are also focusing on advancing their production processes for reducing the environmental footprint. With efficient up-scaling in the food grade processing centers and supported clinical trials, particularly in the microbiome field, companies are enabled to reinforce their dossiers prior to the presentation to regulatory bodies.

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Company Profiles

  • Abbott
  • Baxter International, Inc.
  • Fresenius Kabi AG
  • Groupe Danone
  • Nutricia North America
  • Mead Johnson Nutrition Company
  • Meiji Co., Ltd.
  • Nestlé Health Science S.A
  • B. Braun Melsungen AG
  • Claris Lifesciences Ltd.
  • Others.

Table of Contents

1. Global Economic Outlook

2. Global Infant Clinical Nutrition Market – Executive Summary
2.1. Opportunity Analysis

3. Global Infant Clinical Nutrition Market Overview
3.1. Introduction
3.1.1. Global Infant Clinical Nutrition Market Taxonomy
3.1.2. Global Infant Clinical Nutrition Market Definition
3.2. Global Infant Clinical Nutrition Market Size (US$ Mn) and Forecast, 2012-2026
3.2.1. Global Infant Clinical Nutrition Market Y-o-Y Growth
3.3. Global Infant Clinical Nutrition Market Dynamics
3.4. Supply Chain
3.5. Cost Structure
3.6. Clinical Nutrition Market Overview
3.7. Diseases in which Clinical Nutrition may be Indicated
3.8. Healthcare Spending
3.9. Ingredients in Clinical Nutrition
3.10. Investment Feasibility Matrix
3.11. Major causes of death in neonates and children
3.12. Patent Analysis
3.13. PESTLE Analysis
3.14. Product Lifecycle
3.15. Service Provider List
3.16. Key Participants Market Presence (Intensity Map) By Region

4. Global Infant Clinical Nutrition Market Analysis and Forecast 2012-2026 

5. North America Infant Clinical Nutrition Market Size and Forecast, 2012-2026
5.1. North America Outlook
5.2. North America Parent Market Outlook
5.3. North America Target Market Outlook
5.4. Revenue (US$ Mn) Comparison, By Country
5.4.1. US Market Size and Forecast (US$ Mn), 2012-2026
5.4.2. Canada Market Size and Forecast (US$ Mn), 2012-2026
5.5. Revenue (US$ Mn) Comparison, By Product Type
5.6. Revenue (US$ Mn) Comparison, By Route of administration

6. Latin America Infant Clinical Nutrition Market Size and Forecast, 2012-2026

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