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Wine Packaging Market Likely to Emerge over a Period of 2017 – 2025

Global Wine Packaging Market: Introduction:

Packaging manufacturers across the developed regions are focusing on improving distribution process, through economies of scales. These are broadly followed across wine packaging manufacturer, to optimize the resources available to the manufacturers. Globally, wine packaging manufacturers are focusing on providing environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging solution. Also, with increasing need for safe packaging among consumers is fueling the demand for secondary wine packaging such as barrels, racks, trays, boxes, carton partitions, etc. These factors are propelling high demand across wine packaging manufacturer operating across regions of Western Europe and North America market.

Global wine packaging market comprises of a broad range of raw material, but glass raw material, in particular, accounts a significant share of wine packaging market. The glass material is the primary choice of wine packaging manufacturer as glass material is nonporous and impermeable which ensures there is no interaction of oxygen with the wine. Moreover, with increasing consumption of wine in Western Europe market is accounting a huge chunk of demand for wine packaging.

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Global Wine Packaging Market – Market Dynamics:

Over the years, the changing lifestyle pattern across the developing regions of Asia Pacific is one of the prominent factors of increasing wine consumption with is directly contributing to the high demand for wine packaging. Also, wine packaging manufacturers are using sustainable polymer (PET) material for bottles which is recyclable and durable for a long term.  These factors have ensured manufacturers to focus on producing wine packaging through reduction of carbon emission which is propelling the growth in wine packaging market.

A rising trend which is observed in wine packaging is the increasing use of corrugated boxes for packaging wine bottles, For instances Smurfit Kappa has designed ‘protektapak’ corrugated boxes which enables the manufacturer to replace expensive polymers. This factor is expected to drive the need for environmental friendly wine packaging which is anticipated to be pursued by other leading wine packaging manufacturers over the forecast period.

Global Wine Packaging Market – Market Segmentation:

Geographically, the wine packaging market is segmented into material type and packaging type. On the basis of material type the global wine packaging is segmented into plastic, wood, paper and paperboard and metal. Further, plastic material is divided into polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), polystyrene (PS) and others. Moreover, paper and paperboard material market is sub-segmented into corrugated paperboard which is further divided into B Flute, C Flute and F Flute. Whereas metal material is further sub-segmented into tin, aluminum, steel, cooper and silver. On the basis of packaging type the global wine packaging market is segmented into primary packaging and secondary packaging. Furthermore, primary packaging is sub-segmented into bottle, kegs and bag in box. In addition, secondary packaging is sub-segmented into capsules, barrels, racks, trays, carrier, seal wax, labels, carton partitions and boxes.

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Wine Packaging Market – Key Players:

  • Brick Packaging, LLC.
  • All American Containers
  • Avery Dennison Corporation
  • Berlin Packaging
  • Liqui-Box
  • RTS Packaging, LLC
  • Visy, THIELMANN The Container Company
  • Graphica Bezale
  • Gallo Glass Company
  • M A Silva Corks USA
  • Owens- Illinois, Inc
  • Saxon Packaging
  • Shenzhen J&D Packing Machinery Co., ltd.
  • Dongguan Huacheng Can Co., Ltd.
  • Sambucks Co., Ltd.

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