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Laboratory Consumables Packaging Market to Record Stellar CAGR During 2017 – 2025

Global laboratory consumables packaging market: Overview

The global packaging industry has transformed over the past few years, creating an absolute need for customization to suit every packaging requirement. Innovation and progress in healthcare industry has led to the development of various laboratory consumables, which are highly specific. Laboratory consumables packaging is of paramount importance to avoid contamination of biological specimens. Growing awareness among consumers in need of healthcare has resulted in increased expectations and a need for accurate test results, which makes them a must have for any laboratory. In addition to the healthcare industry, laboratory consumables packaging also find applications in government institutions, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors for research purpose. The term laboratory consumables refers to laboratory grade beakers, funnels, burettes, pipettes, measuring tubes & cylinders. Laboratory consumables packaging includes various types of glassware, plastics and flexible packaging solutions for samples. The global laboratory consumables packaging market therefore, is expected to have a largely positive outlook over the forecast period.

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Global laboratory consumables packaging market: Dynamics

The global laboratory consumables packaging market is anticipated to grow on the backdrop of pharmaceutical industry growth. Advancement in biological and chemical research is expected to fuel demand for the global consumables packaging market. Laboratory consumables packaging enjoy high consumer and end-use industry preference, which can be attributed to factors such as high accuracy and reliability in measurement and quality. Increasing applications in research ensures a promising future outlook for the global laboratory consumables packaging market. Growth in drug and chemical research is expected to drive growth in requirement of highly accurate test results. In addition, the need for safety of laboratory chemicals and protection against foreign contamination is one of the major factors expected to increase preference for laboratory consumables packaging.

Despite the highly positive outlook, there are certain factors that might hamper growth of the global laboratory consumables packaging market. There is a need for standardization and harmonization of laboratory consumables packaging calibration. Calibration of laboratory consumables packaging in various units may lead to inaccurate outcomes. In addition, growth of the global laboratory consumables market might also be hampered by various disrupting factors in the market.

Global laboratory consumables packaging market: Segmentation

The global laboratory consumables market has been segmented as follows –

On the basis of raw materials

  • Plastic
  • Glass

On the basis of product type

  • Vials
  • Tubes
  • Pipettes
  • Burettes
  • Flasks
  • Petri Dishes
  • Beakers
  • Closures
    • Screw Caps
    • Connector Caps
    • Snap Top Caps
    • Flip Top Caps

On the Basis of Capacity

  • <500 ml
  • 500 ml – 1500 ml
  • 1500 ml – 2500 ml
  • 2500 ml – 3500 ml
  • 3500 ml – 4500 ml
  • >4500 ml

On the basis of application

  • Cell culture
  • Molecular Biology
  • Cell Biology
  • Bioprocess Applications
  • Others

On the basis of end-use industry

  • Healthcare Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • Forensics

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North America is expected to represent the most attractive region for the global laboratory consumables packaging market, currently, followed by Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Japan. The Asia Pacific region is anticipated to become the largest market for laboratory consumables packaging. Emerging economies in Asia, such as China and India have witnessed an increased spending on research and development and in the healthcare sector. As a result, demand for laboratory consumables packaging in India and China, along with other ASEAN countries is anticipated to witness exponential growth, over the forecast period. The laboratory consumables packaging market in Latin America is also expected to witness steady growth with increased spending on the healthcare sector, and emphasis on research.

Global laboratory consumables packaging market: Key Players

Few of the key players operating in the global laboratory consumables packaging market are –

  • Eppendorf AG
  • DWK Life Sciences
  • Bellco Glass, Inc.
  • Gerresheimer AG
  • Gilson, Inc.
  • Mettler-Toledo International Inc.
  • Citotest Labware Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • Nalge Nunc International

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