Cold Pressed Seed Oils Market to Gain a Stronghold by 2017 – 2025

Cold Pressed Seed Oils Market Introduction

Cold pressed seed oils are the oils which are obtained from fruits and seeds by crushing and pressing them with a modern steel press. This process is also known as scarification method. Although these oils, when produced generates heat these are not pre-cooked and thus consequently the oil is considered as cold pressed. Extraction of the oil through cold pressing involves crushing seeds or nuts and forcing out the oil. This solvent or oil extraction method is used to produce the most common cooking oils which are easily found in the market. Cold pressed seed oils market are naturally beneficial oils compared to hotly pressed seed oils. As the seeds and fruits are not roasted before pressing, the flavors and nutritional quality of the oil remains intact. Cooking is the primary use of cold pressed oil. Cold pressed seed oils are safer than hot pressed seed oils and it avoids adverse effects caused by high temperature. It retains the physiologically active substance of the seed and flavors.

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Cold Pressed Seed Oils Market Segmentation

The cold-pressed seed oils market can be segmented into types, application, packaging, distribution channel, and region

By types, the cold-pressed seed oils market can be segmented into flaxseed oil, hempseed oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, pumpkin seed oil, walnut oil, sesame oil and others. Among these flaxseed oil and soybean oil is experiencing a huge growth rate in the market due to its nutritional benefits.

By applications, the cold-pressed seed oils market can be segmented into the food industry, agriculture, cosmetics and personal care industry. In food industry, it is used in cooking mainly, in marinating salads and via dietary supplements. In agriculture, cold pressed oil can be used, as bio-pesticides. In cosmetics and personal care industry, the cold-pressed seed oil is used as anti-aging natural oils, oils for hair and skin, body lotions, face cream, body wash, gels, and scrubs.

By packaging the cold-pressed seed oils market can be segmented into the glass bottle, P.E.T bottles, pouch, cans, and others.

By distribution channels, cold-pressed seed oils can be segmented by direct and indirect sales. The indirect sales can be further sub-segmented into modern trade units, convenience stores, departmental stores, online retail and other retailers.

By region, the cold-pressed seed oils market can be segmented into five distinctive regions, which includes North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. Among these, Europe is dominating the cold-pressed seed oils market, followed by North America and the Asia Pacific.

Cold Pressed Seed Oils Market Drivers, Trends, and Drivers

Based on the new generation and lifestyle, it has become a new trend to stay healthy and use only those products which are beneficial for the health and contains functional nutrients. Likewise cold pressed seed oils market is taking over hot pressed seed oils market which was used traditionally for the oil extraction. Cold pressed seed oils to provide a vital contribution towards a healthy life as they are cholesterol free, non-refined, processed or deodorized, they do not contain any harmful solvent residues, contains no added chemicals and preservatives, contains natural anti-oxidants, the natural flavor and odor is retained which enhances the taste in the food. The seeds if cold pressed, it doesn’t destroy the cell of the grease and linoleic acid tissue, and is more green and healthy. These factors and benefits are driving the market of the cold-pressed seed oils.

Though the cold-pressed seed oils have several health benefits, it has few cons also, as consumers who are allergic to few seeds like flaxseed, soy seed, hemp seed and others, would have major health issues like shortness of breath, itchy palm and foots, nasal blockage, blood clots and blood pressure problems, bleeding disorders by consuming them. These factors are inhibiting the growth of the cold-pressed seed oils market.

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Cold Pressed Seed Oils Market Key Players

Due to the major benefits of cold-pressed seed oils, many manufacturers are involving in the production and supply of cold pressed seed oils. Some of the key manufacturers are Statfold Seed Oil Ltd, Naissance Natural Healthy Living, Freshmill Oils, Gramiyum Wood Pressed Cooking Oil, The Health Home Economist, Lala’s Group, and others.

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