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Increasing Demand for Spectacle Frame Mounting to Fuel Revenue Growth Through 2020

Persistence Market Research latest research report on ‘Spectacle Frame Mounting market’ features a comprehensive outlook pertaining to market valuations, market share, profit estimations, and the geographical spectrum of this business. The report precisely describes key obstacles and opportunities for growth, while drawing out competitive standing of market majors, including their portfolio and growth strategies.

Sensitivity and fragility becomes the biggest medical concern while examining patient’s eyes. Opthalmic treatments often equip patients with a pair of spectacles that allow them with reading and viewing abilities. Complicated anatomy of human eye induces more detailed research on designing of spectacle frames and mounting, warranting users that the fitted lens will not be damaged under moderate circumstances. Although, buying spectacle frames and mountings is not restricted to patients suffering from eye infections and optical ailments. Anyone suffering with even minor vision problems need spectacle frames and mountings for using corrective lenses. Manufacturers of spectacle frames and mountings, however, continue to design them especially for their use as a medical device. Their surging consumption through clinics and ophthalmologists attests how healthcare facilities as such are some of the most bankable distribution channels for spectacle frames and mountings.

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Global Spectacle Frame and Mounting Market: Trends & Opportunities

Catering strictly to the aging population is a prominent trend adopted by spectacle frames and mountings manufacturers. A majority of people incurring optical problems are likely to be aged, compared to young and adult population. Glaucoma, refractive errors, amblyopia, cataract and dry eye syndrome, among others, are some of the most common optical disorders in the world, influencing makers of spectacle frames and mountings to design them in accordance to such treatment of such diseases.

Global Spectacle Frame and Mounting Market: Drivers & Restraints

Corrective lenses prescribed by an eye examiner or an ophthalmologist cannot be mounted on commercial spectacle frames. Customized design specifications of spectacle frames and mountings allow doctors to fix the corrective lenses precisely, without risking user discomfort from improper viewing angles. Such a factor drives the growth of spectacle frames and mountings market in healthcare sector. Plastic or polymer materials used for production of spectacle frames and mountings can be recycled, promoting their environmental value among consumers and enabling manufacturers to get recycling subsidies from concerned regulatory bodies. Metal spectacle frames and mountings are sturdier than the plastic counterparts, thereby driving their demand among customers with long-term viewing disabilities.

On the contrary, a limited use of spectacle frames and mountings as a healthcare device might further limit business opportunities. People diagnosed with irregular optical disorders are likely to opt for contact lenses over ones fitted in spectacle frames and mountings. Cost-effective production of contact lenses will continue to threaten the growth of global spectacle frames and mountings market. Unfortunately, higher advancements in contact lens production are likely to compel manufacturers of spectacle frames and mountings to reduce production costs while comprising on quality.

Global Spectacle Frame and Mounting Market: Regional Segmentation

Classifying the growth of global spectacle frames and mounting market on the basis of key regions will include provinces, namely,

  • North America
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Rest of the World (RoW)

Aging population in different regions is expected to impose a distinctive impact on the region’s spectacle frames and mounting market. North America is likely to be among the leading regions in the global spectacle frames and mounting market, but higher adoption of advanced technologies in production of frames and mountings will induce higher growth in Europe as well. For Asian countries, increasing incidences of optical deformities is likely to be one of the key driver for growth of its spectacle frames and mounting market.

Global Spectacle Frame and Mounting Market: Leading Companies

Companies manufacturing spectacle frames and mounting are likely to be working with ophthalmological experts in order to define the development of products on the long run. Including an in-house ophthalmologists might be an innovative step towards premeasuring the success of newer designs for spectacle frames and mounting in healthcare applications. Companies such as Carl Zeiss Meditec AG, The Vintage Frames Company, CooperVision, Luxottica Group S.p.A., and Transitions Optical, among others, are actively partaking in the growth of global market for spectacle frames and mounting.

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