Immersive Virtual Reality Market – A Promising Tool for Future Social and Behavioral Research

With ongoing development and changes taking place in the virtual reality, a new trend of immersive virtual reality is budding and at a nascent stage, which is expected to grow significantly in the next few years. To enhance the experience of digital environment and to make is feel more real, efforts are being made to make all the five senses to be authentic by enhancing haptic feedback, surround sound systems, panoramic 3D displays, and taste and smell replications.

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In addition to that, several immersive technologies such as computer vision, gestural controls, motion tracking, and brain control interfaces are used to follow user’s thoughts, movements, and actions to relate with the virtual environment.

Internet of things, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are playing a vital role in augmenting the growth dynamics of the global immersive virtual reality market. Moreover, increasing research and development activities with an objective to improve the quality, effectiveness, and performance of immersive virtual environments is also likely to boost growth in the global immersive virtual reality market in near future.

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As most of the companies are adopting advanced technologies, leading players providing immersive virtual reality are putting efforts in expanding its potential, and to make more real. Some of the major players in the immersive virtual reality market are Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony, Apple, and Facebook. These companies acknowledge importance of virtual reality and its growth prospects in the future, due to which they started investing in it.

Few other players associated with the virtual reality products include Razer, Avegant, Archos, Carl Zeiss, Panasonic, and HTC. As these companies are engaged in VR product development, new VR sets are likely to come up in the next few years. By that time advanced technology will be more affordable, which will further open new growth opportunities in the global immersive virtual reality market.

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