Programmatic Advertising Acting as a Differentiated Marketing Strategy Resulting in Increased Customer Base

New York, July 19, 2019 – Integration of newer technologies and adopting of advance business development strategies has boosted growth of numerous companies. Nowadays, huge importance is given to advertisements and marketing, therefore, companies, government, and even individuals are making efforts in understanding different and innovative type of advertising strategies. Programmatic advertising is one such means that has boosted companies’ growth at a significant level, as it eases decision making process. According to market research analysis, the global programmatic advertising market is expected to progress at an outstanding rate. This market is likely to generate ~ US$ 30 Bn by the end of 2025, form US$ 3Bn earned in 2017.

Companies providing programmatic tools are making significant efforts in enhancing the tools used and expanding the services provided by them. They are also putting an extract efforts in using advanced technologies that will also give them an upper edge in the market and against their competitors. Currently, some of the key players in the global programmatic advertising market are AOL Inc. (Verizon Communications Inc.), DataXu Inc., Yahoo! Inc., Doubleclick by Google Inc., Adroll.com, Adobe Systems Incorporated, Rocket Fuel Inc., Rubicon Project Inc., MediaMath Inc., Between Digital, and BidSwitch – IPONWEB Holding Limited.

Leading companies are engaged in various organic and inorganic business development strategies to strengthen their position in the global market. Partnership and mergers and acquisition are the key strategies used by the players. For example, AOL is focusing to invest more in programmatic display; this is because nowadays most of the advertisements are purchased programmatically though digital advertising. This step will help the company to increase its revenue. A year ago, the company invested US$ 0.5 Bn in programmatic display TV advertising. Their aim was to create and revolutionize TV advertising and to increase their sales of ad blocks across multiple networks that aim for specific audiences.

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Social Media Adding Up In Revenue Generation

Since the starting of the 21st century, social media came into existence and its importance has grown since then. Now, social media has become integral or say inevitable part of our lives. Social media has now become a crucial platform for companies to display their products and to reach large customer base, due to this, almost all the major social platforms now offering programmatic advertising options. Social media is used as an effective platform for campaigns and lead generation, as it helps in reaching precise audience. For example, Flipkart and Amazon are gainging huge revenue by offering and promoting ads on different social media platform. Facebook, Instagram, and similar other platform enables marketers to bet on influencer ads programmatically in real time, and purchase content available by influencers on their blog pages, social media pages, and websites.

programmatic advertising platform market

How Ad Blockers are perceived in Programmatic Advertising Market  

With increasing use of social media, that has boosted number of ad display, due to which adopting of ad blockers have also increased substantially. However, ad blocker are likwly to grow but there is shift coming. As ad blocker won’t be killing ads completely, but they will be segregating ads based on ads relevance. One of the biggest example is within Google Chrome’s very own ad blocking feature. They have also partnered with IAB that will help in making internet a better place for all.

Moreover, rising awareness regarding privacy of personal data, large number of social media users are in favor of ad blocker that is likely to adversely affect the growth in this market. Use of ad blockers has risen within the last couple of years.

The study presented here is based on a report by Persistence Market Research (PMR) titled “Programmatic Advertising Market (Transaction Mode – Real Time Bidding, Private Marketplace, and Automated Guaranteed; Ad Format – Desktop Display, Desktop Video, Mobile Display, and Mobile Video; Enterprise Size – SMBs and Large Enterprise)- Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2017 – 2025”.

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The global programmatic advertising market:


  • North America
  • Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Japan
  • Asia Pacific (excluding Japan)
  • Middle East and Africa

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